What Are the Benefits of Invisalign?

Did you know that a smile can be recognised up to 300 feet away? This astounding result exemplifies the importance of our smiles, and when it comes to orthodontic solutions such as Invisgaline, they can be greatly improved. We should all wear our best smiles like we would our favourite piece of clothing. We often neglected the value of having straight teeth. As much as some of us are blessed with naturally straight teeth, a large portion of the population requires teeth straightening solutions such as invisible ones to improve their appearance.

Whilst traditional braces have been the most common and previously only solution for teeth straightening, the door of opportunity has opened up and now both adults and children are eligible to have Invisalign aligners. They come with an abundance of benefits, and in this blog post, we will discuss some of the most valuable ones that convenience thousands of patients each year to have an Invisalign themselves.

Discrete teeth straightening option 

As the name may suggest, Invisalign aligners are one of the most discreet dental straightening solutions on the market. Their transparency and unnoticeable design mean that people who wear them often do not get identified as people who require dental straightening solutions. Unfortunately, a lot of people stray away from braces due to their bold visibility and bulky structure, whereas Invisalign is much more seamless and harder to detect.

The shortened time frame of treatment

Invisalign is known to have a much faster treatment frame than traditional braces. Whilst braces are usually given to patients who have much more severe cases of teeth misplacement, Invisalign is applicable for most people who need braces, in which it has been recovered that patients have seen faster results in a shorter time frame. This is ideal for most patients who wish to see results in the shortest time possible. Of course, each patient is different and the time scales may vary, but it has been measured that as little as 3 months is needed for some patients to get their teeth in the ideal position.


Unlike braces which are secured to the teeth and gums, Invisalign aligners can be taken out during meal times which avoids the need to avoid certain food groups. Your dentist will recommend that your aligners are kept in throughout the day except when it is mealtime. This is also ideal if you are doing any form of extreme sports and need to replace your aligners with a mouth guard.


Did you know that Invisalign is equally helpful when you are trying to whiten your teeth? Professional teeth whitening in Solihull often requires a bespoke mould of your teeth, so if you already have your Invisalign aligner, you can easily place the whitening solution in the case for mixed whitening and straightening results!

Fewer practice visits

Whilst braces require regular visits to the dentist to tighten the brace and fix any problems which regularly occur, Invisalign requires very minimal visits to the dentist. You only need to go if you feel as though you need a few aligners, which won’t likely happen for some time, or if you are experiencing any worrying pain. These fewer visits will save your own time as well as your dentists!

Bottom line

Overall, Invisalign is one of the most popular solutions for teeth straightening which so many people choose today. Amongst all of the benefits, it is also comparative price-wise to braces so you do not need to worry about cost. Speak with your trusted dentist in Solihull to know whether you are eligible for the treatment.