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Thousands of different bacteriophages have been isolated; many of those are particularly well suited to studies of particular biochemical or genetic occasions. Here, we briefly describe 4 kinds of bacteriophages, all of which infect E. We illustrate the lytic cycle of enveloped viruses with the rabies virus, whosenucleocapsid consists of a single-stranded RNA genome surrounded by multiple copies of nucleocapsid protein (Figure 6-17, higher left).


This phage has some of the studied genomes and is used extensively in DNA cloning . coli cell, the double-stranded λ DNA assumes a round form, which might enter both the lytic cycle or the lysogenic cycle (see Figure 6-19). In the latter case, proteins expressed from the viral DNA bind a selected sequence on the round viral DNA to a similar particular sequence on the circular bacterial DNA. The viral proteins then break both round molecules of DNA and rejoin the broken ends, in order that the viral DNA turns into inserted into the host DNA. The fastidiously controlled motion of viral genes maintains λ DNA as a part of the hostchromosome by repressing the lytic capabilities of the phage. Under applicable stimulation, the λ prophage is activated and undergoes lytic replication. Bacterial viruses have performed a vital position within the improvement of molecular cell biology.

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These were the first organisms during which the whole DNA sequence of a genome was decided, permitting intensive understanding of the viral life cycle. The viruses in this group are so simple that they do not encode a lot of the proteins required for replication of their DNA however depend upon mobile proteins for this function. For this reason, they have been particularly useful in identifying and analyzing the cellular proteins involved in DNA replication .