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16 February 2017 Updated details about meat from poultry inside a Protection Zone, including one additional basic licence. 24 February 2017 Updated rules for all poultry keepers under the Prevention Zone from 28 February. 27 February 2017 Updated information on free range eggs and poultry. 28 February 2017 New guidelines from 28 February at the moment are in pressure; we’ve published an updated leaflet for keepers of yard flocks and there’s an up to date authorized declaration. 28 February 2017 Letter from Chief Vet to registered poultry keepers in regards to the new guidelines added. 20 March 2017 Restrictions have been removed from around a premises near Redgrave, mid-Suffolk, and the Protection Zone has been merged with the Surveillance Zone for the case near Haltwhistle, Northumberland. four April 2017 Routine replace of information about meat from poultry inside a Protection Zone.

30 January 2017 Updated to mirror extra proactive culling of birds on the case identified on 27 January. eight February 2017 Updated with steering about plans for Prevention Zone controls in England from 28 February 2017.

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11 December 2019 Minor restructure of the page and updates to content material following the outbreak of LPAI in Mid Suffolk. Also minor amendment to the welsh translation of the page and update to mirror that this translation will not be updated in the course of the outbreak. 18 December 2019 Updated the case in Mid Suffolk, 10 December 2019 to incorporate contact details for licensing queries on movements into, within or out of the zone. 3 November 2020 Updated the most recent state of affairs section to mirror that a 3km Protection Zone and a 10km Surveillance Zone have now been put in place around the infected premises close to Frodsham, Cheshire. four November 2020 Updated the movement controls and licencing part. 6 November 2020 Updated the motion controls and licences with data on general licences. 12 November 2020 Added the general licence for the movement of samples for salmonella testing from premises in the Protection Zone or Surveillance Zone.

6 January 2017 Updated Prevention Zone declaration, advice for keepers of yard flocks, and up to date general licences which additionally cowl Wales. 9 January 2017 Updated to mirror adjustments in controls around the case in Lincolnshire – the Protection Zone has been lifted, with Surveillance Zone controls remaining in place. thirteen January 2017 Updated with hyperlink to recommendation on rearing sport birds and shooting whilst the Prevention Zone is in force. 18 January 2017 Updated following lifting of the 10km Surveillance Zone across the contaminated premises confirmed on sixteen December 2016 close to Louth, East Lindsey in Lincolnshire.

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5 June 2017 Routine update of details about meat from poultry within a Protection Zone. 1 September 2017 Biosecurity advice updated, and new one-page leaflet added. 25 May 2018 Avian flu Prevention Zone n longer in pressure – it has been revoked today.


7 April 2017 Updated to add a hyperlink to recommendation on the welfare of housed birds, in the ‘latest’ part. 13 April 2017 We have updated the knowledge on the foundations from thirteen April 2017. 28 April 2017 Updated following the announcement that the Prevention Zone, and the ban on poultry gatherings, shall be lifted on 15 May 2017. 6 May 2017 Updated with information about an additional confirmed case in a yard flock of poultry close to Thornton, Wyre, Lancashire. 8 May 2017 Routine update of details about meat from poultry within a Protection Zone. 9 May 2017 Routine replace of information about meat from poultry within a Protection Zone.

11 February 2017 Updated because the PZ restrictions have now been lifted on the sixteen January case near Louth, East Lindsey, Lincolnshire . We’ve additionally updated General Licences EXD243 and EXD353.