Cardio Bodyweight Exercises

Stand straight, maintain your foot collectively, and hands resting beside your physique. Stand straight and hold your backbone and head erect. Keep your toes collectively whereas permitting your arms to rest beside your physique. Let your arms rest beside your physique, and keep your toes together. Stand erect, maintain your backbone and head straight, arms resting beside your physique, and ft collectively.

cardio workouts

Jump, quickly switching your legs and arms, permitting your self to land in a lunge with the left foot. Inhale and lunge forward with the best leg, bending the elbows, with the palms folded into fists. Bring your left hand in entrance of your chest, whereas the proper one rests on the hip.

Cardio Workouts That Aren’t Simply Working

Your ft ought to be together, while the palms relaxation beside your body. Keep your toes collectively and assume a squat position. Place your arms on the ground in entrance of your toes.