The problem of research in the diploma

The problem is a complex issue that has a theoretical as well as a practical focus. It permission is realized in the process of writing the entire diploma project, and not a separate part of it. In fact, when writing the final qualifying work, the student solves the problem formulated by him in the introduction.

The catch of the problem is hidden in its formulation, which is the use of scientific terms. To correctly define it, it is necessary to understand the topic of the diploma: to find out what was previously learned before you, and to think about what you can offer a new one. The main thing is to calculate the abilities, time and effort in determining the problem, clearly outline the future work on the project topic.

The problem of researching the thesis work and complicated by the progress of its disclosure, which requires the harmony of theory and practice. To the question you ask in the introduction, a qualitative answer must be thought out in advance, backed up with knowledge and experience.

In order to fully surrender to the study of the problematic issue of work, it is necessary to clearly define what interests you the most and answers to which questions you yourself would be interested in receiving. Naturally, breaking into the study of several problems at the same time is simply impossible physically, but this does not apply to the case where one question follows from the other. In this case, on the study of one question, the student gradually approaches another, which in turn will enhance the expected results.  

To conduct research, it is necessary to pay attention to such aspects as:

Personal positive attitude to the problem – the author should be personally interested in solving the problem, because only sincere interest in the problem allows the best way to solve it;

Drawing up a list of leading terms that will help in solving the problem and will allow you to express competently thoughts on the solutions to the question posed;

To clarify the characteristics and wording of all the leading terms in order to be fully aware of the meaning of a particular concept.

Determining the problem, the main theme of the thesis design is also subject to change. Having determined the problem of work and coordinated it with the supervisor, the author is obliged to modify the theme of the thesis project in such a way that it most widely reflects the urgent problem of research.

Published by Wendy Rhodes