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Bonito is a cosy little touristic town with 22, 000 inhabitants and is situated 127 km from Miranda. It is famous for its wonderful CRYSTAL CLEAR waters with a large variety of fishes and aquatic plants. 

We recommend to do: 
snorkelling activities at a range of selected areas, cave visits as well as waterfall visits so that you can get an idea of how the city and its surroundings are formed and what they have to offer. Prices vary according to high/low seasons, types of transports available to take you to/from the activities and acommodation availability. Snorkelling gear, masks and life jackets are included. Some attractions also offer lunch (buffet/self-service, generally good).

If you have a PADI diving licence, it is possible to do
Scuba Diving, and rappeling at 2 places around Bonito (very beautiful and worth it!).  

half and full day tours include: Tree climbing (Arvorismo), visit to the Buraco das Araras (red-and-green macaw hole) and swimming at the Balneàrios (local open air pools, created using the course of the River).

All tours in Bonito are carried out with a Portuguese speaking guide only, except at the Balneàrios, where you have the possibility to explore a part of the River on your own. English, German and Japanese speaking translators are availble to be hired for the day (prices vary).

We work with a few accommodations and are open to your suggestions if you would like to stay somewhere in particular.

TIPS: It is important to make reservations in advance as Bonito is a highly recommended travel destination, both nationally and internationally! So contrary to popular belief, making reservations in advance will be better as it will guarantee you a good time allocation for the activity!