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 We strive to offer fair tourism. Please take a moment to read our principles:

  • We aim to keep the impact on the environment to a minimum. For example; we do tours with a very maximum of 6 guests per group, so as to not scare away the wildlife; We do piranha fishing, mainly only on our camping and houseboat adventures. 

  • We try to to show you the diversity, wilderness and beauty of the Pantanal. To introduce you to the people who live there; to give you background information and share our knowledge about the animals, plants, cycle of nature, indigenous culture and the life of the Peões (cowboys).

  • To help promote awareness and consciously act on the importance of preserving this unique biosphere.

  • To benefit local economic cycles: buy food from local producers and use local transport services on our tours.

  • To support projects that help preserve the diverse fauna and flora of the Pantanal.
  • We treasure our independence, which ensures that we can apply our principles and that you benefit from our unbiased advice.
  • We have extensive knowledge on medicinal plants, animals, birds, local indegenous native cultures, jewellery, ceramics of the Pantanal and regions. 
  • We always aim to treat people and nature with great respect and we believe that guests should actively participate in this manner too.