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Marcelo Pantanal 
When I founded Explore Pantanal Adventures, I had a vision to help people “Feel, see, smell, taste, touch, hear, and enjoy the Pantanal”. 

My family and clansmen have raised me according to the genuine native Indian tradition - passing on knowledge and skills is valued very highly in our culture. I learnt a lot about our history, flora, fauna, the medical use of many plants, jewellery, pottery making, gathering and preparing food. In our society, it is a natural obligation to respect nature.

Since my training as a guide in the Pantanal 30 years ago, I have been sharing my knowledge and love for the Pantanal with my guests. I have started to actively campaign for environmental causes and have taken part in differents projects to protect the nature and the local indigenous population of Miranda. I speak Portuguese, English, Spanish and I am learning Terena, Kadiweu and German.

Ekta Shah  
Ekta Shah, Explore Pantanal  
And then I met Ekta. A Kenyan born Indian, who moved to London and has a degree in French and Hispanic Studies.

Ekta initially came to the Pantanal as a guest and then future volunteer. She now lives in Miranda and works for Explore Pantanal Adventures. Ekta responds to emails and is also learning how to be a guide in the Pantanal. She speaks fluent English, Gujarati, Fench, Spanish and Portuguese.   

From this  moment, we decided to reinforce our Philosophy:- the concept of teaching guests on how to use their basic instincts and natural senses as a means of survival in the jungle. Hence, in the future you implement and use these teachings and skills in your everyday lives back home. 

Luiz Marcelo

At  the  moment, Luiz Marcelo is the Best Genuine Native Jungle Guide in Southern Pantanal of the ABOBRAL REGION. Luiz is a native Terena Indian, and we have been working together for a long time.

In 2015, he joined our Explore Pantanal Adventures Team and has already started to collect some excellent reviews as one of our Explore Pantanal native guides. Luiz has a huge knowledge of the whole Pantanal and has accompanied some television documentaries and photographers for research and professional purposes. Luiz, at present, lives in the region of Pantanal of Abobral with his family. Luiz speaks English, Spanish and Portuguese.