The main mistakes of a student while working on a diploma project and how to avoid them

At the time of writing the diploma project, problems and difficulties inevitably arise: with research of subjects, search of sources for consideration of subjects. Many students in the writing of work face the need to correct gross and minor flaws, which can adversely affect the assessment of work.

Consider the main mistakes of a student while working on a diploma project and how to avoid them.

  1. The name (theme) of the work does not correspond to the plan, the content does not correspond to the plan. This is the most serious error, because of which the work may not be allowed to be protected. To avoid such a shortcoming, it is worth to assure the plan and theme of the curator.
  2. Unsuccessful wording of the sub-points of the topic. This problem is consonant with the first. It can be avoided in the same way as the first problem – by cooperating with the scientific supervisor. In this situation, it is better to ask the curator several times than to do extra work, doomed to failure.
  3. A goal that doesn’t reflect the research topic. A common mistake is the inconsistency of the topic with the problem.
  4. Incorrect definition of an object and an object is one of the most common mistakes.
  5. The object of research is a broader concept that reflects the main direction of scientific research. The object is the constituent parts of the object.
  6. The work is written by the student independently. The curator can easily identify if the work is bought or written to order, which can lead to irreparable consequences.
  7. The presentation is incomplete, pseudo-scientific – on all issues you need to consult with the curator, who will tell you how to correct the mistake.
  8. A deep analysis of the sources has not been made.
  9. Not all aspects of the topic are covered in the work.
  10. The conclusions do not meet the goals and objectives.
  11. Incorrect design of the list of literature and applications.
  12. The volume mismatch is set in the requirements.

The most serious students mistake  – writing work at the last minute, just a week before the date. During this time it is impossible to write a thorough work, which will be highly appreciated during the defense. The minimum period required to write a paper is 2 months.